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Sellers looking for assistance with their Rockford Homes during this challenging market want a FULL TIME Rockford Real Estate agent to lead the way. As a longtime RE/MAX real estate professional, I have the privilege to belong to the prestigious RE/MAX 100% Club and I am a member of the RE/MAX Executive Club. These designations are for RE/MAX agents who get buyers and sellers results. Multi-Million Dollar Producer with close to 20 Million in Career Real Estate Sales ( 2007-2012 ) Barb has been assisting clients with their Illinois Real Estate needs for many years.

As a certified distressed property expert (CDPE) me and my team of Rockford Real Estate experts can assist you thru the process if you find yourself in a situation to short sale your home.

I also assist luxury Rockford home sellers by bringing top level online marketing expertise to assist with finding buyers from all over this world via the internet. I am one of the few Rockford Real Estate agents to complete the 10+ hours of training, and to take a final exam to become a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing (ILHM).

Marketing you home with Rockford Real Estate, the Rockford MLS (RAAR). the Chicago MLS ( MRED ),, and hundreds of other home search websites I will make sure your home is found by the buyer quickly.

How to Get Your Rockford Real Estate Ready to Show

First impressions make a lasting impression
It is important to keep in mind that when a potential buyer comes to look at your home, the first impression (CurbAppeal) is crucial. Make sure you maintain the little stuff like mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, sweeping the walk ways and if it is winter make sure that ice and snow are removed from the walkways and steps. In addition, it is also important that the front door is clean and fresh looking with a doorbell that is in working order.

Quick fixes for a quicker sale
Unless you want to sell your home as a "fixer upper" it is important to once again focus on the little stuff that makes a huge difference. Discolored walls and dilapidated woodwork will reduce the appeal of your house and they are problems that won't take much time or money to fix.

Think about it, why describe how your house could look... when you can show potential buyers the full spectrum of what your home has to offer. A minor investment inpaint and "sprucing up" should pay dividends to you in the form of a better price and quicker sale.

Light makes the difference
Natural light is a key element in showing off a home's full potential. Make sure to open the drapes and curtains and let the light shine in. It is also important, of course, to clean the windows so that a buyer can see how bright and cheerful your house is. Dark and dreary rooms often prevent home-buying prospects from seeing the potential that the room has. Besides natural light make sure to illuminate by turning on all the exterior and interior lights in the house. This illuminated look is kind of like a "welcome sign" for every potential buyer.

Drips that may drop your offers
Another fix that is essential is fixing leaky faucets. Dripping water and rust colored sinks suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing and can present home-buyers with the thought of expensive plumbing repairs and that is something we don't want to suggest.

Accessories, accessories
Although it may seem unimportant loose door knobs or cabinet pulls, sticking doors and drawers, wobbly hinges, stuck or cracked windows are all negative factors that can effect a home-buyers opinion of your home. So, take a few minutes to check and repair all these seeminglyminor flaws since they will detract from the value of your house.

As always safety should be a priority. Make sure to keep stairways and corridors clear and clean of clutter. Besides being unattractive, clutter can cause accidents. Another often times overlooked area of the home is smoke detectors. Make sure all smoke detectors in the house are in place and working properly.

The Full package
Home-buyers are generally focused on whether or not the living space of the home accommodates their needs but it is also important to let prospective buyers see the full value of your attic, basement, garage and other utility/storage spaces. Storage is important especially to women! Make sure to make these areas available and presentable by removing junk, and other articles. Organize yourself while creating a better overall appearance for that space by using neatly stacked and organized boxes and cartons,etc. If the storage spaces are dark and dreary, a coat of paint or extra lighting can do wonders.

Spacious Closets
Everyone loves having lots of closet space. An simple way to get the most out of your closets by making them look larger is by having them clean, neat and well organized. Sort through old clothes and cartons that take away from a spacious look and only leave what you need. We all need the motivation to go through and clean out our stuff and there is no better time!

Bathrooms sell homes
Although bathrooms aren't usually the most "glorious" rooms of the house when we think of living space, they do sell homes. A majority of home-buyers include the bathroom as one of the most important elements of the home so make sure the bathrooms shine! Take the time to clean stained sinks and toilets, repair any damaged or discolored caulking around bathtubs and showers, make sure light fixtures are working and make sure towels and area rugs are bright and clean.

Wake up your bedrooms
Remember it isn't your personal taste that matters when your trying to sell your home, so make sure to keep bedrooms bright and cheery. Once again let that natural light in and open the drapes or blinds. Remove excess furniture to avoid a crowded look and use attractive and colorful bed linens and spreads. Although bedroom are where we go to bed we don't want to put home-buyers to sleep with a dull dreary bedroom appearance!

Give them space
It is always best to leave home-buyers alone when they are coming to view your home. Most buyers will feel like intruders and will naturally want to hurry through theshowing, if there are people around. Therefore, it's best that the owners and the family not be home for showings. We want buyers to fell comfortable and take their time!

How your home sounds is important
To add a little something more when showing your home, you can have some soft background music playing but make sure all radios that are on, are tuned to the same station. It is also important to turn off the television sets. This will provide the salesperson and buyers the ability to talk freely without having to yell over the noise of a blaring radio or television.

Put Fido outside
A dog may be man's best friend, but not when showing your house. Keep all pets out of the wayand not underfoot.

This is not a social call
If you have to be there…stay in the background If you have to be at home during a showing, be courteous and friendly, but don't try to force conversation with potential buyers or their real estate agent. It is imperative that you give the home buyer and salesperson their space so that they can inspect your house. They are there for business not for social purposes. After all you are selling your house not yourself! Let the salesperson do the talking, it is their job to know what the buyers needs and what they are looking for and they can best describe and emphasize the features of your home. Whatever you do, DON'T TAG ALONG! You do not need to be there to answer questions, do not volunteer information without being asked. If there are any questions, the salesperson will handle them or will contact your listing agent for information.

Be it ever so humble...
There's no place like your home. You live in it, so don't apologize for the appearance of thehouse. If something out of the ordinary should happen to alter the appearance, inform the agent or scheduler when you are first called to set up the showing appointment. They will prepare andinform the showing agent. Should any negative comments or objections be offered, back off (youdon't need to reply) and let the trained professional salesperson answer them.

This is not a garage sale Don't try to sell the potential buyers furniture, furnishings or personal property, that you don't want to take with you. You could foul-up the sale. These types of details can be discussed afterwards.

Let a professional do it
Let the professional salespeople talk to the customer about selling price, terms, possession date, and other factors. Real estate agents have the experience and training to bring negotiations on your house to a satisfactory conclusion.


Barb Erdmier - Rockford Homes Club Credentials