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Rockford is the largest growing city in northern Illinois, and continues to grow constantly. Rockford Sale by Owner knows this and wants you to be a part of it. Rockford generates around 156,000 people, so there are a lot of possibilities for residents in Rockford, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Rockford Sale by Owner will help you with every step of the home buying and selling process.

Deciding on the location is very important when looking for a home. Rockford Sale by Owner along with their real estate partner, Rockford Real Estate can help you find out all the information you need to know about the Rockford, Illinois area. Rockford Sale by Owner have top of the line resources to gather details about schools, community, attractions, recreation, and demographics about neighborhoods.

There are endless activities to get involved in throughout Rockford, Illinois. Everywhere you go there is always something, from shopping at Cherryvale Mall to fishing on the Rock River. You will never have a dull moment while living in Rockford, Illinois. If you are into athletics, there are several sports venues, for example, the ISC, Indoor Sports Center, hosts games for the Rockford Raptors and Rockford Fire to watch, or if you are into hockey, check out the metro center and see the Ice Hogs. Rockford Sale by Owner will make sure you know about all the hot spots in Rockford, Illinois.

Choosing a home is one of the most difficult things you will ever do, but Rockford Sale by Owner will make it as easy as possible, by giving you all the help you need. Rockford Sale by Owner will assess your needs to identify all the available homes that match your criteria, and they will utilize all their resources to make sure you are able to choose the optimal possibilities. Rockford Sale by Owner will also be there to show you all your options, and will finally assist you in making the closing offer.

When you are ready to sell your home, Rockford Sale by Owner will be there to help you prepare your home for the market. Barb Erdmier, who is a vital part of the Rockford Sale by Owner team, will perform a CMA, which is a comparative market analysis that helps determine the best selling price for your home, and Barb will list your home on the MLS, which is a multiple listing services where millions of internet users can view your home. Another service offered by Barb and Rockford Sale by Owner is to put a virtual tour of your home on the Rockford Real Estate website along with presenting your home to the real estate market, with a strong marketing strategy.

Contact Barb Erdmier, with Rockford Sale by Owner and Rockford Real Estate to determine all your real estate needs. Call Barb at 815-222-8866.
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