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Poplar Grove Custom Homes is an online source that works through Rockford Real Estate. Poplar Grove Custom Homes connects with Rockford Real Estate to help buyers find a custom home builder in the Northern Illinois area. Poplar Grove Custom Homes focuses on luxury homes and custom home plans in Poplar Grove, Illinois located in Boone County. Barb Erdmier is Rockford Real Estate's local real estate agent and represents Poplar Grove Custom Homes. She will match you with a custom home builder who will design a luxury home with a unique custom home plan in Poplar Grove, Illinois. Contact her at 815-222-8866 and set up a consultation to discuss the possibility of finding a custom home builder that fits your needs for your new luxury homes in Poplar Grove.

Join Poplar Grove Custom Homes. Here we specialize in creating luxury homes based off of a custom home plan that our customers design. Each custom home builder is trained to create a house in the image that our customers have. Poplar Grove Custom Homes works in the Poplar Grove, Illinois area which is located in the heart of Boone County. Recently Boone County has been the 40th fastest growing county in the United States, but that won't take away from the quaint town and friendly atmosphere that Poplar Grove has been so popular for.

Poplar Grove is very appealing to everyone that passes through. With luxury homes, that are unique in their own way, lining the streets, it's hard not to want to move there. Residence are proud of the individuality that custom made luxury homes that are located in Poplar Grove. Poplar Grove Custom Homes also is proud to build these luxury homes in a place that our customers will be happy. When you create a custom home plan, our professionals at Poplar Grove Custom Homes will advise and help you with every step making sure all your wants, meet all of the necessities required in a home.

Poplar Grove, Illinois is known for its local airport which is used by the residence. Many of the luxury homes that are seen when driving through Popular Grove have their very own custom home plan which includes a private airplane hangar. There are runways right out of their driveways! The things that a custom home builder can make for luxury homes are incredible. Your custom home plan is created by Poplar Grove Custom Homes to make sure that your satisfaction is secured. Don't miss out on these wonderful luxury homes that could be yours.
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