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Welcome to Rockford Real Estate's School information page.  Below you will find information on the area schools, as well as their contact information.  If you are relocating to the area we would be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.  So please feel free to contact us.

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Pecatonica Schools

Pecatonica, Illinois 61063
Phone: 815-239-1639
Fax: 815-239-2125
Pecatonica Schools are part of the School District #321. There are three schools that make up the Pecatonica School District, which are Pecatonica High School, Pecatonica community Middle School, and Pecatonica Elementary School. These schools push their students to excel in that they do, and they strive to offer many opportunities for students to experience success. The 960 students that attend Pecatonica District schools are able to participate in an all-around academic program & get involved in a broad range of athletic activities. Pecatonica just recently built a new High School in the year 2002, which has enabled them to grow and expand a lot in the last few years. Since Pecatonica is a farming community, one of their most popular extra curricular activities to join is the FFA, which is the Future Farmer?s of America Association. This is just one way for students at Pecatonica Schools to develop skills that prepare them for all of life?s experiences.
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