Rockford Schools

Welcome to Rockford Real Estate's School information page.  Below you will find information on the area schools, as well as their contact information.  If you are relocating to the area we would be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.  So please feel free to contact us.

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Rockford Schools
Rockford, Illinois
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Rockford Public Schools are part of the school district #205. The Rockford Public Schools are committed to providing an excellent education to their diverse group of students, by preparing them to compete in a global marketplace, to succeed in future educational experiences, and to contribute to society. The goal is for the 28,000 students that attend Rockford Public Schools to partner with their families and the community to take advantage of opportunities that they come across. Within the school district there are 38 elementary schools that provide a good foundation for learning, theme schools with specialized programs, seven middle schools, & four high schools that offer core courses and electives to prepare the students for college, & there is also an alternative high school made available for students who may have different needs. Upon these levels of education, there are also gifted programs for students to become talented in music, dance, theater, and fine arts & Bilingual programs are available. Special education programs & Occupational/Physical Therapy are also offered to assist their education. There is also an After School Achievement Program (ASAP), that gives the students a chance to get involved in fun & safe activities in all areas such as academics, social activities, and recreational activities. Rockford Public schools have the advantage to be able to use Rockford area?s parks, museums, theaters, athletic facilities to host events and activities year round.
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